Dollar Deal Maker Study Guide

Dollar Deal Maker Study Guide

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In 2009, Kenny joined infomercial pioneer Russ Whitney in a TV show called the “Dollar Deal Maker” where he showed the viewers how to get started investing in real estate for only $1. The thought of getting started investing with only $1 seems impossible. However, on the show Kenny proved the strategy works.

The strategy Kenny uses to do $1 deals is quite easy once you understand the process. Legally, it only requires $1 earnest money deposit to put a contract on a house to buy. Now that you have it under contract you have the option to close the deal yourself, or you can assign the rights to buy the property to a cash investor.

Let’s say you have a contract to buy a house using a $1 earnest money deposit. You later assign the contract to a cash buyer for $10,000 assignment of contract fee. You’ve just turned $1 into $10,000 in many cases in less than a few weeks.

In the $1 Deal Maker Deal Maker Guide, Kenny will teach you how to use this strategy to make money in real estate in your city.

You will learn:

• How find homes you can buy at discounted prices

• How to contract to buy the houses

• How to assign your rights to a home to a cash buyer • How to find cash buyers to buy you out of your contract

• How to determine your fee and get paid at closing

Never use the excuse that you don’t have any money to get started investing in real estate. As Kenny shares with his students, if you have 10 dimes, 4- quarters, 20 nickels, 100 pennies or a wrinkled up $1 bill you could be on your way to cashing in as a real estate investor.

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